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Sylvan Puckerin is a “bond-slave and student” of Jesus Christ last seen around the “Altar of Grace”. He is married to Leila and together they have two children - Kerri and Kevin. He has over ten years’ experience in trauma mitigation, counselling, teaching, coaching and mentoring.

Mr. Puckerin is trained in crisis management, trauma mitigation and recovery, psychology, corporate management and leadership at the graduate and postgraduate levels from - (Erdiston College, UWI, Barbados Institute of Management & Productivity (BIMAP) Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) England, Heriot-Watt University Scotland, Georgetown Wesleyan University USA and International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF), USA) - and operates in these disciplines mainly via Consultations, Seminars, Workshops and Conferences.


* His highest academic achievement is a Ph.D. (Hons) in Christian Counselling & Psychology from Georgetown Wesleyan University of Americas.


*He is a Licensed Clinical Christian Therapist (LCCT) – American Association of Christian Therapist, USA, and a

*Certified Trauma Trainer (CTT) - International Critical Incident StressFoundation (ICISF), USA.

Mr. Puckerin has also functioned in the corporate community at the senior level in business management and organizational operational logistics, international, regional and local purchasing, management costing and merchandising.

His publications include:

Manual: Holistic Counselling & Psychology Beyond The Next Level, 2005

Manual: Holistic Counselling & Psychology The Next Next Level, 2006

Manual: Holistic Counseling & Psychology The Next Next Next Level, 2012

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Grace & Truth Critical Incident Training and Consultancies is a professional organization which strongly believes that the Holistic application of practical skill-sets to a Critical Incidence is vital in addressing the educational, financial, intellectual, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of “man” for his existence and proper functioning from a crisis encounter.
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